CTR Ski Tools

Welcome to CTR Ski Tools, home of the most innovative and efficient ski tools on the market.

CTR Ski Tools were developed to solve some of the common problems faced by passionate skiers. Jim DiBiase is just that, a passionate skier, ex-racer, and oh yeah, he just happens to own and operate a machine shop!! Jim designs and manufactures the CTR line of Ski Tools to solve problems, such as dirty bases filled with filings, springs clamps that are just not reliable for accurate edge tuning, and gate keys that don't require a diagram to use and will not break. The list goes on and on, but here at CTR Ski Tools we have fixed these common problems through innovation and practical experience.

It's true... Blue Thunder Drill Bits with Hollow Core Technology can be found here!

With 1/5 the weight of traditional course setting bits, you can see how course setting can now be a breeze! Uses less power, weighs less, and ruins fewer drills. What else can you ask for??

More information will be coming soon. Please contact us with any question or order inquiries.